1. Why is ShiamakBollywood Academy named after Shiamak Davar?
Shiamak Davar (born 19 October 1961) is an Indian choreographer, often recognised as one of the first to bring contemporary jazz, Bollywood jazz, indo jazz, and other western forms of dance to India. He’s known as the guru of contemporary dance in India, with heavy influence on India’s dance scene, especially in the film and theatre industries. His signature and very popular “Shiamak Style” of dance is recognised all around the world, which he used in directing choreography for the movie Mission Impossible 4, Commonwealth Games and many other famous projects and events. In July 2011, Shiamak was awarded an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University in recognition of his contribution to entertainment in India and throughout the world.

2. What dance styles can I learn at Shiamakdance school?
Shiamak’s weekly classes offer one of a kind training programme for students of all ages and abilities. Learn Shiamak’s trademark dance styles, including Indo Jazz and Bollywood Jazz with Shiamak’s specially trained dance instructors.

3. At what age can one register for Shiamak'sDance classes
The starting age for a student to register for classes is two years. However, there’s no upper limit; you can join the classes even if you’re approaching your 100th We categorise our classes based on the following age groups:

  • Parents and Tots 2 to 4 years
  • Kids 5 to 7 years 
  • Pre Teens8 to 12 years
  • Adults 13+6 
  • Adults 18+ (only in Central London) 

4. Where do you run Shiamakclasses? 
Classes take place on the following days and the venues below: 

  • Monday
    • Ilford and Wembley 
  • Tuesday 
    • Central London and Southall
  • Wednesday
    • Central London, Southall and Central London SPB, Harrow and Harrow JSPB
  • Thursday
    • Central London
  • Friday
    • Ilford, Wembley, Croydon 
  • Saturday
    • Southall, Harrow, Harrow JSPB, Dartford, 
  • Sunday
    • Central London SPB 

 *Participants enrolling in the Central London, Harrow, Wembley, Ilford (adults) classes must attend both weekly sessions.


  • Monday
    • Wellingborough and Coventry 
  • Tuesday 
    • Milton Keynes and Oadby (Leicester)
  • Wednesday
    • Nottingham
  • Thursday
    • Belgrave (Leceister) SPB and JSPB classes
  • Friday
    • Solihull (Birmingham)
  • Saturday
    • Manchester and Mosely (Birmingham) 
  • Sunday
    • Belgrave (Leceister) SPB and JSPB classes

*Participants enrolling in the Belgrave, Leicester class must attend both sessions (Thursday & Sunday). 

5. What is the fee per term to attend Shiamakdance classes? 


Full Price - £120 per term (£240 for Term 1 & Term 2)

New participants - £110 for Term 1 (1 free taster)


Full price - £108 per term (£216 for Term 1 & Term 2 only in Belgrave) 

Parents and Tots (2-4 years) in Belgrave, Solihull, Coventry, Milton Keynes

  • Full price £80
  • New participants £73

*Family discounts apply when you are paying full price for Term 1, or Term 2, or full price for Term 1 and Term 2 together. Two family members receive 10% off, three family members or more get 15% off. The other discounts like Priority and Early Bird cannot be used in conjunction with Family Discount. 

6. What is the duration and frequency of the class? 
The duration of all ‘parents and tots’ and ‘kids’ classes is 45 minutes.
For ‘pre teens’ and ‘adults’, the duration per class is 60 minutes. Exceptions apply to workshops and intensive courses.

7. Can I join a class if I have a medical condition? 
If you have a medical condition, you are required to get a Doctor's certificate that allows you to participate in the class.

8. Are parents allowed to watch the class? 
Depending on the nature of a workshop or a class, parents are usually being notified before the class by the Shiamak
If you have children between 2 and 4 years, then you can enjoy Shiamak classes along with your little dancers! We offer parents and tots dance classes in Leicester, Milton Keynes, Coventry and Birmingham. Find more information about the classes on our website

9. Do participating students get certificates after a batch? 
All students participating in the Summer and Winter terms get a certificate of participation upon completing their batch.

10. How can I register for a batch?
For further details on how to register for Shiamak classes, please contact us via one of the following methods:

11. What is the type of clothing that I will need to wear for the class?
The classes require comfortable dance attire such as tights, yoga pants, sweat pants and t-shirts. It is also advisable to bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself when thirsty and carry a body-sized towel for the class.

12. Will Shiamak be present for the class, if not then who will be conducting the classes
Shiamak Davar will not be present for the classes. SDIPA classes are conducted by an experienced, dedicated and trained faculty who are handpicked by Shiamak himself.